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Our Philosopy

Our Philosophy

We believe that helping you create a prosperous life for yourself and the people that matter most to you begins with trust. It requires the efforts of both parties to work together to better understand, evaluate and help you implement successful wealth strategies that are personalized for you.

We believe that we must earn the right to your business by creating value for you. Our advisors work together to provide you with prudent portfolio recommendations. We strive to provide wealth strategies designed to help protect and preserve your lifestyle, assets and most important relationships.

We believe the essence of our expertise is to help create prosperity for our clients with wealth strategies designed to enhance their quality of their life.


Our Statement of Value

Clients choose Barber Investment Partners because of our passion for investing, independent leadership, and analytical ability.

What this means to those we serve is that we put the interests of our clients first, and make sure that both parties are aligned.

The real benefit to our clients is having the clarity, confidence and capability to create prosperous lives for themselves and the people who matter most to them.